Sleep Apnea


Do you or your child have any of these symptoms?

  • Snoring loudly or nightly?
  • Excessive Sleepiness during the day?
  • Problems falling asleep?

Sleep apnea has severe effects on people of all ages. But although you might think only the elderly and overweight are affected, SRBD’s also have severe effects on children, and this can be as early as 6 years of age. It can be fatal to adults and cause permanent intelligence loss in children. But sleep apnea is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a host of related conditions that fall into the group of conditions known as “SRBD”; sleep-related breathing disorders. All can become hazards for our health and intelligence.

Adults who don’t breathe easily have problems that range from mild drowsiness all the way to obesity, diabetes and heart attack. Snoring always comes to mind when we think of sleep related breathing problems. It is a common problem for adults, but for children; it is always considered absolutely abnormal and pathological. Adult snoring can be as loud as a chain-saw, but a child’s snoring can be difficult to recognize and is often described as a “purring” sound.

Why is this important?

Well…..consider the following; when we sleep, we relax. Relaxation is restful and very important for the repair needed after our stressful daily activities. Also; it is in deep REM sleep that we transfer our daily experiences into long-term memory.

But relaxation of our airway muscles allows our airway to soften and close slightly. If this relaxation is accompanied by other breathing constraints; we are in danger!

Anything that prevents us from easily getting air into our lungs is a breathing constraint.

It could be large tonsils blocking a child’s airway, or, fat deposits that do the same for a sixty-year old adult.

When we don’t have adequate oxygen as we sleep, we struggle to awaken. This brings us out of the deep, restful sleep we need and floods our body with adrenaline; the toxic stress response that creates disease.

Children who do this all night long do not sleep well, do not remember well and cannot learn well. Children who haven’t slept well, are not able to sit quietly and pay attention in school. Some studies show that 55% of those diagnosed with ADD or ADHD have sleep-related breathing problems.

Most disturbing of all; researchers consider that for children, the loss of intelligence associated with insufficient deep sleep is permanent and non-recoverable.

If your child has any signs of this sort of behaviour; see your family doctor…… or your local orthodontist!

Why would an orthodontist be best for a sleep problem?

Facial form creates breathing constraints. Recessive lower jaws force the tongue to the back of the throat. A narrow palate reduces nasal and oral airway; the ‘roof of the mouth’ is also the ‘floor of the nose’.

And this is where the Orthodontist comes in. More correctly known as a “Specialist in Maxillo-Facial Orthopedics,” Orthodontists are the only health care specialists that routinely modify facial form to improve the airway without surgery.

For best results; the Canadian Orthodontic Association recommends; see your orthodontist before age 7. If you have stopped growing up and are growing sideways; your orthodontist and oral surgeon can team up to produce truly spectacular results.

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